Brand New

From the first rings of life, I wake
I look around indifferent to what I see, what I hear
Crying, I assure those around me that
Yes, I am alive
And as time flies, which it seems to do so so flawlessly
I learn to communicate and I learn to boogie
I am my own person,
A person who takes an interest in the arts: writing, drawing, painting, dancing
A person who is full of compassion and fear
And a lazy butt at heart
But at the same time
I am not just my actions
I am, my secrets
I am these inner thoughts I wish to never unveil
I am a cunning child
Who has realized that people are more than just who they portray
And as for the two giants
Both who seems very willing and protective of me
Constantly hovering and smiling at me
Dad and Mom
Both whom I love so dearly are my coaches
Passing onto me what it means to love
It is not until one day
They disappoint and falter
Disappointed, I find myself spread out on my bed
Stuck in a state of shock
From her new life with her new man
To his cans of beer in anguish
To my desperation for sleep

Nevertheless, there will always be room for laughter and smiles
But at that moment
In the back of my mind
I could not help but gloom for miles
“What now?” I gestured
Furious and sadden, “Did these giants suddenly lose interest in me?”
Cause lately, all I could feel was a lonesome feeling
Me shivering like an ant out of its nest
In winter’s nights
Or even summer
I am left to freeze till I become complete stillness
Under this cold blanket
As many have said
Life is a journey
Although up and down is all we can shake out of it
Up and down is what helps us through the days and nights
So remember
Life is not always pleasant
But is meant for three things
Living, learning, and accepting
Until you are near what was once new to you
You shall understand
And we can live, learn, and accept
That life works in cycles
So instead of hearing the rings of life
You will now hear the soft swishing water
Fading into the background of your reincarnated life
3:25am December 26, 2010

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