Tonight I Cry

Tonight is the night,

The night I allow myself to feel

To feel all emotions in which I seldom reveal

A night filled with dreariness,


On my face is that of a frown, in denial

Dull grey and raining, but also a sad mess

Tonight, tears run dry juxtaposed a broken smile

Riled, I just want to bleed the anger numbed


Chilled, I just want to be understood

Breathing steadily, I stand alone

And crying, I just want you to hear me out

I stand alone! .

Where my days and nights I think wonder-fully,

About how much I take and how much I give

Tonight is the night,

I think differently


This night alone, I learn one thing:

Trust nobody

And with that I give my all,

To everybody.



I am alone,

And in this night I express,

The meaning of my emotions


To say what has not been said,

In hopes to find that people will sit

As my audience


Jan. 20, 2012


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