Dying Is A Part of Life, But Dying Today Was Not What I Had In Mind.

As I realized that I was dying, I decided to drop my body into the nearby pool .  I might as well–it’ll clean up the blood– I had thought to myself.

Moments later, I got out of the pool.  However, I got out in an oddly form, the form of what we all would know as “spirit” or “ghost” like forms or whatever you’d like to call it.  My physical body left in the pool.  I was light in weight but also heavy.  When I walked it felt as though I was gliding, but simultaneously, I could feel that there was a bag of weights attached to me, this causing a heavy feel.  But my body was as I mentioned, light and hallow.

I made my way to my apartment just to find that my siblings and brother-in-law were all fast asleep.  Scared and shocked by what had all happened, I wasn’t sure how and when the news of my death would arrive at the door.  I didn’t want them to find out that I had just been killed.  

(Heart racing… inside and outside of dream)

While in the form of a spirit, I was a bit sidetracked.  My mind went from worrying about being dead to wondering where my father might be, and where is my brother?  I was hoping that they’d be here, waiting for me.  Especially now that I’ve made it to the other side of the plane, the universe.  Very often, when I was alive, I would pray to them and tell them, “I’ll see you both soon.”  And sadly, now that I’m dead, they are nowhere present.

With this, I became sad.  Sad about dying, sad about everything.  I was even scared for my siblings and sad on their behalf because in a matter of minutes they will have to face the tragic news (for the third time).

In the apartment, I stood and waited as they all slept peacefully. (Patiently impatience)

My eyes at that moment–while waiting in a distraught disposition–then slowly opened and I realized it was only a dream.  Conscious, I was relieved.

The End.

Message behind this dream?  Hmm, that I worry quite a bit in respects to my family…?  Yes, that’s it.  And that I hope to not have to face another loss?  Likely.  );  Overall, it was one of those dreams that tells a person their deepest fears, worries, secrets, dreams, ambition, etc., whatever it may it.  Something most of us choose to hide and block off when conscious.  

Dec. 11, 2012


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