Dear Brother,

I cannot believe in you the way you want me to
And so I am sorry to call myself your brother
Because clearly you don’t deserve what I’ve put you through
And I don’t deserve that honor

Life isn’t as simple as we have hoped for: something we could enjoy
I know I am supposed to make it a little better
Though here, I seem to make it all the more difficult
With that, I am sorry

Although my ways of thinking are unlikely to change
I just hope that one day, you will see where I am standing
And why I must stay where I stand
Maybe you will be able to put all that I have said aside
Or even take it and notice that all I did was try

Cause yes, all that I have said I believe in
But it was never ever intended to break you
My truest and utmost apologies for I have let you down
But please know, dear brother, that I did care

Sorry to have disappoint,

Your Brother.


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