I feel that every day that passes by

I continue to forget you

As I continue to no longer see your face

And the memories that we have created


I start to become hallow;

A man devoid of thoughts and emotions

Yet most days when you do seem to cross my mind,

I remind myself that no,


You have not been forgotten!

Just a slight blur from time to time,

A blur that needs to be focused just a little

From our playful wrestling days after watching Power Rangers


To our physical and bruising combats,

Usually ending with me in tears

In those days,

When you do cross my mind,


I only wish and hope that you are okay

Even if you are no longer near

Missing you, we all miss you

Wishing that what had happened never did


My brother and sisters ask for you always

And do not forget Mom

Oh, she especially!

And as we think of you,


We also think of him

Oh, how he has traveled to you after

All the hard years we have spent with him

And now that he is in your world,


I do hope that the two of you have found each other

I do hope that the two of you are okay

May you both whom I redeem loving and kind spirits,

Sleep soundly


Peacefully resting,

Beautifully created,

And always thought of,

Even if it gets fuzzy from time to time,


To my Brother and Father.



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