Maybe Disappear

Life sucks,

Although beauty can be seen in anguish,

It is beginning to consume me entirely

And I cannot continue to drown in it


Angry about what is and what isn’t,

I find myself at a freeze stop

Unhappy to have been given this life,

Yet this mind is to young to understand


To overcome these naive feelings,

I am just about absolute I want to disappear

If only I was a solo man,

Maybe then I wouldn’t feel all this weight,


Like a burden,

I am obligated to stay

Unless I can find it within myself to completely no longer care,

Just maybe,


Maybe then,

I can disappear

The funny thing about all of this is simply knowing that the world will indeedĀ go black

Until then,


I keep on this track

Waiting for my time to disappear,

Cause no meaning exists in this life,

I wait


Truthfully, I did believe in all of it

And truthfully,

That is why I believed in my part of the design

But now,


I see no purpose but the purpose to hide

And you, like I, are the cause

And you, like I, dislike this hurt

And you, like I, have had enough


So you, like I, may eventually disappear before the blackness of the earth consumes us

Understanding will never be the same

Acceptance and reassurance will fade

Love was never


And sadly,

We think we exist

Though really,

We do not exist


All of this is due to anguish and always was


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