When that one you’ve been searching for you’ve finally found,

But you have no way of telling him.

That you’ve become infatuated, in love,

For he is beautiful and some.


Be he the one to make it last?

For your love for one another will only excite.

Be you the one to warm his heart?

For both your lives shall be full of light.


His heart is that of gold,

And arms that of steel.

As a way to counter yours,

You, being graceful and soft to the touch.


And ever more so nurturing,

Satisfaction in both mind and body.

Warm and full in the life of love,

Thus, creating the complimentary pair.


May your love only breathe the life of fire,

And burn as one.

For it is true that two people can come together,

In a puzzle-like piece.


And as one,

Together the two of you will be,

Forever animated.


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