Something I enjoy listening to…


Dear Brother,

I cannot believe in you the way you want me to
And so I am sorry to call myself your brother
Because clearly you don’t deserve what I’ve put you through
And I don’t deserve that honor

Life isn’t as simple as we have hoped for: something we could enjoy
I know I am supposed to make it a little better
Though here, I seem to make it all the more difficult
With that, I am sorry

Although my ways of thinking are unlikely to change
I just hope that one day, you will see where I am standing
And why I must stay where I stand
Maybe you will be able to put all that I have said aside
Or even take it and notice that all I did was try

Cause yes, all that I have said I believe in
But it was never ever intended to break you
My truest and utmost apologies for I have let you down
But please know, dear brother, that I did care

Sorry to have disappoint,

Your Brother.

Midnight Indecisions

I’m trying to find something worth yearning for
Conscious and alert
When will you walk through the door?
Cause writing to you is such a bore

And I’ve just realized something more
I’m not in love but in a pitch of dirt
Emotionally withdrawn, and physically
I am filled with empty embraces

While cold hands with cold hearts
Lead my hallow feet
These are undying words of love
Decided that life has no purpose

And that all is make believe
You, created the life I live
Everything is a thought imagined by one
Lived and followed by all

Amazingly made to believe that…
You and I were even capable of love
When really, Mr. Thorn
I am not your Mr. Fox

But just a man
Physically stuck in a box
What is the point of this anyhow?
What is your call?

Do you love me enough?
Can you conceptualize my thoughts?
Cautious and reserved
I am your undesired love



By Sisombath Souvannasack


YURI…………………………………………….. early 20s. He is lanky and has a random personality.

Very energetic and a social bug.  Talkative and blunt: sometimes way too talkative.  Enjoys being outside and people watching.

GARRETT……………………………………….. late 20s. Tall and average built.  Has brown, wavy hair.  Not confident but confident looking and meek.

TIME: Spring, 2012


In front of the college library. Lots of trees and open space (well balanced).


By Sisombath Souvannasack

(It is a sunny morning. Not too hot and not

too cold: just perfect. The wind is blowing

gently. Yuri sits outside in front of the

library and reads. On top of the patio table just

right below a big tree forming that of a semi-

arch. Garrett exits the library and spots Yuri

reading. He stops and turns toward Yuri,

approaching him. Yuri is oblivious to Garrett

and continues to flip through the pages. Yuri

begins to sing to himself. It’s a mundane day

for Garrett and a soon to be not-so-mundane

day for Yuri. He had anticipated today to be

a typical day just like every other day.)


Hey (He begins to wave his hand between Yuri’s face and the book.) Hey!


Yes? (Smiles as though he seems to be confused.)




(Continues to smile. This time it is a warm



What are you doing?


Reading. (Beat) Reading about air (He laughs to himself). Air in the central valley. Well, not technically reading but just skimming through the pages. You see, I don’t like to read. Well, I mean I don’t read much and so that’s why I skim. I used to love to read. I don’t know how or why I stopped. (Laughs) Hi.


(He smiles and attempts at a joke.) That’s a lot of air for one person. (Beat) Could get airy.


What? (Laughs)


I said that’s a lot of air for just one guy.


Yeah, I heard ya the first time. I’m just not sure what you mean.


It was a joke. (Chuckles) And apparently, you didn’t get it and overlooked it and now I am a bit embarrassed because of it.


Don’t be. Not many folks are great at making jokes to begin with. (Garrett begins to get nervous. Beat.) But if you thought about it, I laughed (Beat) because I was confused! And so if it’s any consolation, it was a funny joke. Maybe not a comprehensible one, but funny nonetheless. (He smiles.)


Thanks, I guess.


Hey! Let’s move into the sun. Although I love being under these big ole, stretched out branches, the shade can be a bit of a cold spot. Does that make sense? Even if the day were not as breezy a day as this day is, it could be, could get… cold. Unless you have other plans and have somewhere to go.


No. No plans.

(Both relocate from the front of the library,

once 10ft. away, to the front of the library,

now 40ft. away. On the grass in the sun.

Under a bigger tree. Yuri lies down and

spreads across the green grass and Garrett

stays standing.) (more…)


The mirror is my truest friend.  Although it depicts all the flaws I place on myself, it is the only thing that can provide me truth.  With its ability to mimic every move I make, and every emotion I feel, the mirror is a true friend.

“Imagine me… you.”

Green Eyes

When your eyes turn lime green, this does not mean you yourself should turn lime green.


As I swallow down every breath I take
My star bursting chest race due to sadness
As these trembling lips motion about
My eyes develop in tears with clenched jaws

And as I blink a rapid pace to dry them
I turn my head and look for darkness
For I would rather hide then be seen
For being hallow and inanimate
Angry, I am oh so angry
My eyes flood with tears once again
Running down the lines of my bridge to the tip of my nose
I contemplate, “When will it stop?”